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Ignite Newsletter - June 2024

June 27, 2024

June 2024

Dear friends and supporters,

June is Pride Month! This is a time for us to learn, celebrate, and honor the struggle and joy of the LGBTQ, nonbinary, and Two-Spirit communities in Montana.

Work for LGBTQ2S+ equality and women’s equality are linked through the lived experiences of people who, like me, are both women and LGBTQ, and in our laws, workplace policies, and cultural norms and beliefs. The struggle for LGBTQ2S+ equality ultimately impacts everyone who is working toward gender equality.

In Montana, this struggle is evident in the Movement Advancement Project's (MAP) latest findings, which give our state a -3.5 out of a possible 44.5 in LGBTQ policy. This stark number highlights the critical need for continued advocacy and action to ensure that all Montanans, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can live with dignity and respect.

The joy of Montana’s LGBTQ2S+ community is unmistakable during Pride. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to attend a local Pride event this month and that you’ll consider joining the state-wide Montana Pride in Helena July 28 - August 4. WFM is grateful for the community members and organizations across our state who plan and host these joy-filled celebrations.

Together, we can create a Montana that is inclusive, equitable, and proud.


Kylie Gursky
Director, WFM

Mountain Home LIFT Program

Written by staff at Mountain Home Montana

Starting in July of 2022, Mountain Home was proud to have implemented Montana’s first guaranteed income initiative, the LIFT pilot program. We collaborated with Stanford University to develop LIFT and provide evidence to assist Mountain Home’s young families in achieving a sustainable exit from poverty.

The LIFT pilot program was privately and generously financed by a committed donor. It provided eight families in need with a monthly financial gift directly deposited into an established bank account between August 2022 and July 2023. Mountain Home offered participants monthly resource sessions in collaboration with local financial institutions and family service organizations to build financial literacy and foster family stability. Through monthly feedback, recipients have reported that they have utilized the funds to attend healthcare visits, pay off credit card debt, and make the first deposit to secure housing. LIFT provides clients with dignity and the capability to make the best choices for themselves and their children.

From the first brief round of benefits we were heartened to learn that the cash assistance allowed women to spend more quality time with their children, when they were less worried about everyday financial burdens. We now have an involved community based committee evaluating and developing a second round of funding to a new cohort of young families to create more insight and prosperity for under-resourced families across the state. 

Read More about Mountain Home's Efforts

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The Status of Women in Montana: Advancing Policy for Economic Equity Report. This report serves as a vital resource for policymakers, advocates, and community members, driving evidence-based solutions to address the challenges and opportunities facing women in our state.

WFM is a powerful force for philanthropy in Montana because of your support. WFM grantees lead the way in creating strong communities that work for women and girls.

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