About Our Work

We support positive systemic change that benefits women and girls through strategic grantmaking, policy change advocacy, and WFM-led initiatives.

We Make Grants

The Women's Foundation of Montana has granted over $1 million to organizations across Montana, working to improve the lives of women and girls in our state through:

  • Access to fulfilling work with a livable wage and quality benefits;
  • Education, training, and leadership opportunities;
  • Essential services to meet basic needs, including housing, nutrition, safety, and financial stability;
  • Public policies that strengthen the social safety net, improve the availability of affordable child care, and increase access to health care; and
  • Increased political participation of women.

Our goal is for individuals across the state to have the tools and opportunity to build a life and shape a future that isn’t held back by their gender.

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We Advocate for Change

Policy decisions at state and local levels need more input, insight, and perspective from women. Every corner of Montana will benefit when we all can experience and learn from the gifts, talents, and leadership of women.

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