About Our Work

We support positive systemic change that benefits women and girls through strategic grantmaking, policy change advocacy, and WFM-led initiatives.

We Make Grants

For over 20 years, we have been in the business of grantmaking to support a variety of causes that benefit women and girls in Montana. Since its inception, the Women's Foundation of Montana (WFM) has provided more than $850,000 in grants to more than 50 organizations that share its mission to enhance economic independence for women and create a brighter future for girls.

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We Connect Women

With a network of over 600 women and regular educational offerings, PowerHouse Montana is an initiative of WFM focused on connecting Montana women with the resources, mentors, and opportunities they need.

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We Advocate for Change

At WFM, we work to break down barriers that get in the way of women and girls reaching their full potential.

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