Women's Foundation of Montana Core Values

LEADERSHIP We are willing to take risks in pursuit of our mission. We believe in the power of women’s and girls’ leadership to positively impact Montana communities. We commit to amplifying the voices of women and girls of diverse backgrounds and identities. We look to create opportunities for women’s leadership and to develop the leadership of the next generation.

COLLABORATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY We believe it takes a community of dedicated people working together to accomplish the goal of advancing gender equity. We aim to be accountable to this community, which includes our grantees, donors, and strategic partners. We are committed to learning from them as we make progress toward gender equity in Montana.

INCLUSION AND EQUITY We believe the best and most powerful solutions are created when all people are welcome at the decision-making table. We honor our differences and know that including individuals with different identities, such as gender, race, class, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, and political status strengthens and unites our communities.

CREATING A CULTURE OF GIVING We believe we all have gifts to share. We know feminist givers keep the larger picture in mind, seek to broaden their understanding of issues, and support women’s issues at the top of their giving capacity. We honor the women who have led the way before us, modeling mutual aid, interdependence, and resource sharing. We believe investing in women and girls opens infinite possibilities.