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Ignite Newsletter - January 2024

January 29, 2024

January 2024

Dear WFM friends,

Have you heard of Women's Business Centers (WBCs)? They’re powerful partners in helping women kickstart and grow their small businesses. They are here to make sure the business game is fair for women, who continue to face unique obstacles.

The Women’s Foundation of Montana has a long history of partnering with our state’s WBCs and we are excited to share that WFM grantee, the Rocky Mountain Women’s Business Center (WBC) – previously known as WELL WBC – has undergone a transformation and is now officially Rocky Mountain WBC.

Rocky Mountain WBC offers great support to those who are looking to level up their business game. And Rocky Mountain WBC has a new Program Director, Kassi Strong. She's a digital marketing whiz and business strategist, super passionate about helping companies grow and succeed with smart plans and innovative marketing strategies.

WFM is proud to support Rocky Mountain WBC because we’re committed to supporting organizations that help build an economy that works for all women—one where women can define success for themselves. Check out the learning events, coaching, and other opportunities they offer and consider supporting them on their partnership page.

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain WBC below in this month’s WFM Grantee Blog.


Kylie Gursky
WFM Program Officer

Helping Montana Business Women Climb Mountains

Introducing: Rocky Mountain WBC!

Written by Kassi Strong, Program Director at Rocky Mountain WBC

In 1988, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) created the Women’s Business Center (WBC) Program to help women overcome continued barriers to success in business ownership. In 2024, challenges still exist, but WBCs all over the country are on a mission to help women succeed in starting and growing businesses. Montana is the proud home of two WBC programs, one hosted by Prospera Business Network and one by Accelerate Montana, previously known as WELL WBC.

Here at Accelerate Montana, we've got some exciting news to share—WELL WBC is now officially Rocky Mountain WBC! Why the change, you ask? Well, we've got big dreams, and our rebrand reflects our commitment to supporting women in Montana in an even more impactful way.

What Rocky Mountain WBC is all about:

  1. Clear Communication: We are committed to clear, honest communication to help you understand and navigate the business landscape. Whether you follow along on social media, read our newsletters, meet for one-on-one counseling, or participate in another way, our goal is to communicate in a way that best helps you start or grow your business. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay connected.
  2. High-Quality Learning Experiences: Your time is valuable, and so is the information you receive. Our learning experiences are crafted with care, ensuring you get the most out of every session. When you walk away from our digital panels, lunch sessions, in-person networking events, or course cohorts, you will be able to actively apply something learned to your business that very day. View upcoming events here.
  3. Business Resources Galore: Looking for a specific business resource? We’re growing our resource library every day, and our Business Advisors can help connect you with the tool, template, or introduction you might not even know you need. Book a call with a Business Advisor here.
  4. Connections That Matter: We're not just about connecting you with anyone; we're about connecting you with the right people. Our network includes a wide variety of organizations and business owners across the state, providing you with valuable connections that can make a real difference. Join the community here.

Learn more about this transformation here.

Guest blogs are written by WFM grantees.

WFM Grantee News and Opportunities

  • Bring a donation to support the YWCA of Helena to the Sweet Bee Vintage Market – Cabin Fever Market on February 2, 2024, and you’ll be entered in a raffle to win one $50 gift certificate of these amazing prizes: Silver Star Steak Co, On Broadway, Wild Child Collective, or Dear Potato.

    The top ten items that are on the YWCA of Helena’s list: new twin-size bedding, pillows and pillowcases, new towels/towel sets, bathrobes, diapers – size 4 and larger, pull-ups, toilet paper, tampons, $25 grocery store gift card, $25 gas gift card.

  • WFM is proud to sponsor Montana Women Vote’s 2024 Policy Leadership Institute (PLI)
    • February 9-10th, Helena, MT
    • PLI is a two-day, hands-on conference that centers issues that impact low-income and Indigenous women and families, LGBTQ2S+ folks, and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Montana. It is an opportunity for folks of all backgrounds and levels of experience to build community, discuss policy issues, and hone their skills. Full and partial scholarships including food and lodging are available and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Montana Women Vote will help arrange carpools for folks needing a ride to Helena, and child care will be available. Register here.
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Services’ (Red Lodge, MT) Healing Together is a monthly opportunity to create space for survivors of sexual assault through activity-centered meetups. It is not a support group or meant to replace traditional therapy, just a low barrier FREE time to be surrounded by other survivors.

    You do not have to disclose anything about your experiences to participate. The next event will be held on February 15th. Please RSVP by Feb 13th to or call the DSVS office at (406) 446-2296.

WFM in the Community

  • WFM is sponsoring and will be attending the Blazing Trails: Montana Women in Business Summit.

    During the two-and-a-half days of programming and networking, they will dive deep into leadership development, financial well-being, entrepreneurship, civic engagement, advocacy, philanthropy, and more.

WFM is a powerful force for philanthropy in Montana because of your support. WFM grantees lead the way in creating strong communities that work for women and girls.

Learn more about WFM grantees here and see our 2023 funding summary.

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