Our goal is for individuals across the state to have the tools and opportunity to build a life and shape a future that isn’t held back by their gender.

Our Grant-Making Priorities

We are proud of our nearly 25-year history, but we know that women face different challenges than they did decades ago. After listening to grantees, partners, and donors, we understand that the Women’s Foundation of Montana can and should do more to meet the short-term economic needs and address the systems that support long-term change for all women in our state.

In 2023, we shifted our grant-making strategy to deepen our commitment to building an economy that works for all women—one where women can define success for themselves.

WFM funding priorities include organizations that:

  • Support education, training, and access to capital for women;
  • Improve wages, benefits, and workforce policies for women;
  • Provide direct services to meet basic needs;
  • Advocate for public policies for women, such as childcare and health care; or
  • Increase the political participation of women.

Our Focus

Creating Financial Stability

Our grantees foster economic security among women through wealth and asset-building strategies; and promote policies and programs that support women in the workforce.

Building Strong Families

Our grantees provide direct services to meet basic needs including housing nutrition, safety, and financial stability. They advocate for public policies that strengthen the social safety net, improve the availability of affordable childcare, and increase access to healthcare.

Developing Powerful Leaders

Our grantees increase leadership skills and opportunities for women as well as the political participation of women.

About Grants

Grant sizes typically range from $5,000 to $25,000. We accept applications for general operating support as well as project-specific support.

General operating requests are awarded to organizations whose overall work intentionally and specifically supports women and/or girls or addresses issues that disproportionately impacts women and/or girls and includes a gender equity analysis.

Project-specific requests are awarded to and restricted to projects and activities that are targeted to benefit women and girls. Fiscally sponsored organizations should submit project-specific requests.

Past Grantees



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Meet a Grantee: Red Ants Pants Foundation

Red Ants Pants Foundation's Mission is: To develop and expand leadership roles for women. To preserve and support working family farms and ranches. To enrich and promote rural communities.