Code Girls United Advanced Class Assisting Kalispell Police with App

February 20, 2024

Advanced students using JavaScript to develop maintenance app.

Written by Code Girls United Staff

The Advanced Class of the Code Girls United responds to a call from the Kalispell Police Department to assist in developing a crucial application. The department aims to improve the tracking of vehicle and equipment maintenance, which has been traditionally recorded on parchment and ink. Looking for assistance, they turned to the renowned Code Girls United (CCU) program. Consisting of 13 skilled students who have progressed through beginner and intermediate levels, the Advanced Class will unite their talents to create this application as a joint effort.

The Advanced Class will delve into the intricate world of JavaScript, a more complex realm compared to the Block Script used in earlier classes. Police Chief Jordan Venezio has reviewed the app, which will be refined for the official launch and use in the summer. It’s truly remarkable how our students are crafting meaningful tools to help service organizations in our communities!

Thanks to the generous contributions of foundations such as the Women’s Foundation of Montana, Code Girls United was able to serve 383 students in 2023, leading to opportunities such as the experiences of our Advanced students!

Your belief in our vision and your commitment to empowering the next generation of female leaders have been instrumental in fueling our growth and impact. We are deeply grateful for your partnership and trust.