The Importance of Financial Awareness

September 25, 2018

By Kalispell PowerHouse, Sue Thompson Are you confident about your financial future? Were you aware that the numbers of your business and your personal life tell a story? They tell the story of success. They clearly tell you what is working well and what is not. They tell you when to implement which building block, whether it is in building a business or building personal wealth. Numbers seem to get a bad rap and I think it is only because most people weren't taught along the way how to listen to the story their numbers were telling them. You see, learning the skill of listening to your numbers doesn't have to be painful. Typically when I talk to people about this, women especially, there is a level of fear surrounding the answers. Fear is one of those things that is overcome with knowledge. I believe the most important first step is understanding your money principles. Those guiding beliefs that are informing all of your decision making when it comes to money. When I am talking about numbers I am referring to your financial numbers. Money is something that touches every area of our life and yet for many of us it is a subject that is painful, frustrating and overwhelming. As a result, many don't learn the skills that can actually make money a joyful part of our life. That’s right. Financial numbers can become a joyful part of your life. I believe everyone is capable of having confidence and clarity when it comes to numbers and money. I believe that abundance is meant for each and every one of us and that struggle is optional. When you think about the ways money plays a part in your life, do you feel like you are in control or do you feel like it is controlling you? One of the things the last few years has shown us is that when it comes to our money we need to be in the driver's seat. So many things have changed in the world of finance that it has left many of us wondering what is the best thing to be doing with my money now and will I be ok in the future? There are things that each of us do really well when it comes to money and so understanding what those are, acknowledging and celebrating those things is the first step. Next we want to look at the areas that we want to strengthen. These are simply areas that we may have let go dormant or maybe didn't even see as strengths we can apply to money. You see when it comes to the how to of money, there are systems, investments, business models that are appropriate for each of us. Once we know what is important to us, what our strengths are then we can set ourselves up to win by choosing the best system, investment and business model. It is not a one size fits all. To me that is liberating! In Abundance, Sue