Missed our winter webinar, How to have Tough Conversations? Watch it here.

February 28, 2017

How to have tough conversations like: · Asking for a higher salary · Dealing with a potential client who thinks you charge too much · Giving your co-worker feedback · Disagreeing with your boss on a crucial business decision Any of these situations can be stressful. The question is: do you back away and avoid it, handle it poorly or – go in confidently, listen and get to a positive result? Join us for the PowerHouse Montana winter webinar to learn how to do the latter! We’ll teach you: 1. The three behaviors that undermine your success in these situations 2. Two simple tools to help you stay calm in the midst of possible conflict 3. Practical tools to help you have the conversation successfully You will feel so much more empowered when you can say what you need to say, even in tough situations! Plus, you’ll get to meet CrisMarie and Susan! About our presenters: Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell are Life Coaches and Business Consultants at thrive! inc. (, and the co-creators of the BUILD YOUR MOJO program ( designed especially for women to help you play big, stop procrastinating and successfully go after and accomplish your goals. You can watch their TEDx Talk: Conflict – Use It, Don’t Defuse It!( They would be happy to coach you, consult with your team, or to speak at your next event. Contact them at