September 7, 2018



Jen Euell, Program Director, Women’s Foundation of Montana

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Women’s Foundation of Montana Celebrates $40,000+ in New Grants

Grants will support closing the pay gap by promoting women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, skills and more

MISSOULA, MONT.—The Women’s Foundation of Montana (WFM), a project of the Montana Community Foundation, is celebrating their latest strategic investments and a brighter future for Montana women and girls.


The grants made include:

  • Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, Billings – $5,787
  • Girls Using Their Strengths (GUTS!) GRIT Project, YWCA Missoula – $2,500
  • AAUW Start Smart Trainings, Statewide – $7,000
  • Montana GEMS, Butte – $4,000
  • Montana NEW Leadership, Mansfield Center, University of Montana, Statewide –  $5,000
  • Red Ants Pants Foundation, Girls Leadership Project, Statewide – $7,000
  • Girls Thrive, Girls Leadership Project, Helena – $4,000
  • Stevensville Community Center, Girls Computer Coding Project, Stevensville – $3,000
  • Montana Women Vote, Women’s Policy Leadership Institute, Statewide – $3,500
  • Prospera Women’s Business Center, Prosperity Party, Bozeman – $5,000


“We are thrilled to invest in smart leaders, working for the benefit of women and girls in Montana,” said Jen Euell, Women’s Foundation of Montana Program Director. “We believe these grants not only advance economic independence for women and girls, but also invest in the future of Montana communities.”

The new grant funding is focused on creating systemic change to improve the economic status of women, supporting initiatives that give girls the tools to be financially successful, and programs that improve women’s economic security and equalize the pay gap. WFM grantee AAUW Montana provides wage negotiation classes in colleges and universities across the state, empowering women to negotiate for what they are worth in the job interview process and beyond. AAUW member and negotiation workshop trainer, Christina Roberts says, “I have had participants tell me that they were able to negotiate for an additional $5,000 in their salary in the interview process after going through one of our workshops.” Starting your career with an income that is $5,000 higher, means hundreds of thousands of additional dollars over the course of your working life.


The foundation advisory board gave preference to programs that showed innovation, collaboration, and tangible, measurable results. The end result will be new opportunities for hundreds of Montana women and girls in financial education, leadership, entrepreneurship, wage-negotiation training and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programming.


About the Women’s Foundation of Montana

Established in 1999, the Women’s Foundation of Montana is a component fund of the Montana Community Foundation working to grow the economic security of women and create a brighter future for girls in Montana. With a permanent endowment of more than $1 million, the foundation has awarded more than $750,000 to organizations improving the lives of women and girls in Montana. Find us at and on Facebook. Learn more about the Montana Community Foundation at