Breaking down barriers to equity.

Since 1999, the Women’s Foundation of Montana has provided more than $850,000 in grants to more than 50 organizations that share its mission to enhance economic independence for women and create a brighter future for girls.

We are most interested in projects that directly improve the ability of women and girls to become more economically successful. Previous grants have included financial literacy programs for women, revolving loan programs for new women-owned businesses, career planning for female high school students, computer and robotics workshops for girls, vocational job training for women, wage negotiation workshops and more.

We fund projects across Montana that are working on:

Systemic Change

– Advocacy that leads to the enactment of public policies that will improve the economic status of women such as ending the wage gap or advancing paid parental leave policies

– Programs to increase political participation of women, such as voting and communicating with legislative and executive branches of government

– Programs that increase women’s leadership skills

Economic Empowerment of Women

– Financial literacy programming

– Career and entrepreneurship programming

– STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Programs

– Training that increases women’s ’employability’ and earnings