Meet Mary Fay

Mary Fay knew that she didn’t have a lot to invest in changing the world.  But what she had, she wanted to invest in the most powerful way possible.

Mary Fay

Mary had spent many years working as a parole officer in Helena and Great Falls.  Most of the people she worked with, both as co-workers and clients, through the years were men.  And through that experience, she became convinced of one thing. If we want to build a better Montana, we need to invest more in our women and children.

So when Mary Fay came into a small inheritance, she decided to donate a portion of it to the Women’s Foundation of Montana.  In fact, she committed to invest in WFM every year for the rest of her life to ensure that Montana’s women and children have the opportunity not only to survive, but to thrive.

Through the years, Mary Fay has issued matching challenges to other donors, ensuring that her gifts went twice as far.

Thanks to the conviction, philanthropic vision and generous support of Mary Fay, and donors across Montana, WFM continues to work to create a brighter future for women and girls. We couldn’t do it without you!