Focused giving through the Women’s Giving Circle.

The Women’s Giving Circle is a diverse, dynamic and generous group of women engaged in an exciting venture of strategic philanthropy. Happily organized by the Missoula Community Foundation and the Women’s Foundation of Montana, we will collectively pool the resources of at least 100 local women to leverage their modest gifts into $10,000 grants for worthy local organizations! The Circle will be created by the members, and they will vote on who will receive funding.

We hope you will want to be part of awarding a $10,000 grant (or more!) to make change happen in our community!

Plus, you will get to:
– Find your community of philanthropic sisters.
– Work together with them to invest big dollars for big change.
– Learn how to be a more intentional and impactful giver.
– Change the world and have fun while you do it! 

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The Women’s Foundation of Montana inspires and works with philanthropists who understand that women and girls are the essential building blocks of stronger communities.  We leverage their investments through our $1 million plus endowment to increase our impact.