Raising women’s voices.

Entrepreneur 3 415The Women’s Foundation of Montana works to make positive systemic change in our state through our strategic grant investments, collaborating with others to advocate for policy change and advancing our own initiatives.

We are proud of our work to end predatory lending in Montana. Years of work on this issue along with a strong Cap the Rate Coalition culminated in 2010 in the passing of Ballot Initiative I-164, which effectively capped the short-term lending rates in the state at 36%.


Currently we are focused on the following issues:

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

The Women’s Foundation has been a partner in Governor Bullock’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force since 2013.  In collaboration with this group WFM has helped host two Statewide Equal Pay Summits.  We have also pushed for policy change including a new Paycheck Fairness Act that would ban retaliation against workers for talking with one another about their pay and benefits.  WFM supports wage negotiation workshops across the state to teach women how to ask for what they’re worth in the workplace. And we continue to support efforts to increase the number of women in higher paid non-traditional fields and in leadership positions.

Increasing Financial Education for Montana Women and Girls

The Women’s Foundation has worked in partnership with the Montana Financial Education Coalition since 2010 to increase the availability and quality of financial education in the state. We are advocates of increased financial education in our public school system and throughout our communities. In addition, we fund projects providing financial education to women and girls across the state.

Advancing Women’s Opportunities

WFM works to grow women’s leadership and economic opportunities.  Our latest initiative PowerHouse Montana, aims to connect women to mentors, resources and opportunities.  You can learn more and register yourself as a member of the PowerHouse at

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