Advancing Economic Independence

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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

The Women’s Foundation has been a partner in Governor Bullock’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Task Force since 2013.  In collaboration with this group WFM has helped host two Statewide Equal Pay Summits.  We have also pushed for policy change including a new Paycheck Fairness Act that would ban retaliation against workers for talking with one another about their pay and benefits.  WFM supports wage negotiation workshops across the state to teach women how to ask for what they’re worth in the workplace. And we continue to support efforts to increase the number of women in higher paid non-traditional fields and in leadership positions.

Read our newest Status of Women in Montana data (March 2018), as well as Equal Pay/Wage Gap research information here – Montana 2018

Increasing Financial Education for Montana Women and Girls

The Women’s Foundation has worked in partnership with the Montana Financial Education Coalition since 2010 to increase the availability and quality of financial education in the state. We are advocates of increased financial education in our public school system and throughout our communities. In addition, we fund projects providing financial education to women and girls across the state.

Tracking the Status of Women in Montana

Did you ever wonder how Montana women compare to women across the nation on measures such as income, access to health care, and political participation? WFM is a proud sponsor of the newest Institute for Women’s Policy Research Report on the Status of Women in Montana. Montana earned a D- in the Employment and Earnings Category, placing 46th in the nation in women’s wages, 43rd in wage equity across genders, and 47th in the number of women in managerial positions. The one area in which we rated slightly higher? 26th in labor force participation. The new research reveals that Montana women work just as hard as other women, they just don’t get paid as well for their work.  Learn more at:

The Women’s Foundation has been tracking the status of women in Montana for more than 10 years.  Access our 2012 Report here:

2012 SWR (PDF)

WFM FactSheet 2012 (PDF)

Advancing Women’s Opportunities

WFM works to grow women’s leadership and economic opportunities.  Our latest initiative, PowerHouse Montana, aims to achieve two goals:

  1. Connect Montana women with the resources, mentors and opportunities they need to create thriving businesses and thriving lives
  2. Increase the number of Montana women in leadership by providing a go-to source for organizations and companies looking for their next CEO or board chair.

Through this initiative, we offer quarterly educational webinars aimed at increasing the success of women, in business and in their lives.  We also host periodic gatherings and conferences to provide opportunities for cross-sector education, collaboration, innovation,  and idea sharing.

The Women’s Foundation of Montana believes that women are one of our greatest untapped resources. PowerHouse Montana is tapping into that resource. If you’ve been wondering what will fuel the next phase of economic growth and social innovation in Montana, look no further. Welcome to PowerHouse Montana.

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Strategic Grantmaking

We believe women and girls can break down barriers to equity when given the resources to do so.

Since 1999, the Women’s Foundation of Montana has provided more than $500,000 in grants to more than 30 organizations that share its mission to enhance economic independence for women and create a brighter future for girls.